How long does it take to get fat adapted / keto adapted | My 4 month keto update

How long does it take to get fat adapted / keto adapted | My 4 month keto update

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This is my 4 month keto update.
I want to say that after 4 months on being on keto i have to say that I have a very big respect for people who manage to stay on the Ketogenic diet.
Those people have tremendous self-discipline and can learn new things. After this much of being on keto I see that the whole society is build against keto wherever you go all you are being advertised is carbs and all the sweets and people think that you are weird because you eat all this fat. So if despite of this you can stay on keto I do have a big respect for you!
I want to tell you about how gradual the keto adaptation is and why that is. Basically it is very easy to go into ketosis and it can happen in a day but it doesn’t mean that you are keto adapted or fat adapted.

In the beginning you will see that you have a lot of ketones in your pee and blood and that is simply because your body doesn’t know what to do with the ketones. And you are not really running on glucose anymore and you are not running on ketones either so you are not running on anything and thats why the keto adaptation on the beginning can be so bad.

What happens after a few days is that I started to feel really good on the keto diet, but i had these damn cravings. And i was really looking for any opportunity to cheat on my keto diet. It took 3 months for this to go away. And now it is completely gone. I can even be around sweets and chocolate and I can not eat them.

Something really interesting happened to me after so long being on Keto. I am trying not to do keto like dogma and trying to keep it easy and simple. So if there is a birthday I will eat the cake. But I have noticed that I because so Keto adapted or fat adapted that I go straight back to keto.

And during new years I had many days of cheating and it basically didn’t feel good. I was missing my keto food and I was really happy being on the keto diet again when I went back.

I basically enjoy the lowest weight that I have had since 7 years. I have lost more than 10 kilos being on the keto diet and I have really found a newfound state of health that I am really happy for.

I wanted to talk about why the keto adation so gradual. It is because of a condition that almost 70-80% of the people suffer from and they dont even know it.

Insulin resistance causes that you eat too much food and are starving at the same time. The symptoms of insulin resistance are:
-brain fog
-hungry straight after a meal
-belly fat

Basically you have these cravings on the keto because of the access insulin pushes down the blood sugar and you want to eat to bring it back up and what better to bring it up than sugars.

So when you are adapted to keto you will not feel tired, you will not have the brain fog and you will be satisfied with what you eat.

This is why it is so gradual to go on Keto, you have to handle all you insulin resistance.

Alright enough said for this video.

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